St Mary's Church Great Brickhill

GBC Nov 19  3420
St Mary's Church Great Brickhill is to the south of Milton Keynes, and part of the Brickhills Church Benefice. A traditional village church with Saxon origins, the church has a keen Parish Council actively pursuing some innovative changes.

I am appointed by the St Mary's Parochial Church Council to record the church's activities and to make the resulting photographs available to both the PCC and the parishioners.

Over the years I have provided the following picture books;

- 2013 Harvest Book
- 2014 Christmas Book
- 2015 Year Book
- 2016 Year Book
- 2017 Year Book
- 2018 Year Book
- 2019 Year Book
- 2021 Year Book

These picture books are kept in the church and copies can be ordered via Blurb at about £30 a copy for the book.
Please order your copy from Blurb.
All profits go to St Mary's Church.

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