Family History

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David has been researching his extended Family since the mid 1990's. Part of that research includes photography; particularly early photography of around 1900. In the early days of photography, the majority of photos were of babies! (Nationally this was 55% in 1960). Back then, there were fewer of us, about 2 billion world wide taking around 1 million photos per year. By 2014, the population had increased 4 fold. We now take around 1 trillion photos per year with 20% of them making it to Facebook!

2015 included a reunion for the Paton Family Sisters; one was 90 the other in her 70's. This was a remarkable event on many levels. That it happened at all is a minor miracle in detective work by at least two family members and many helpers from beyond the immediate family. There is much to tell about Mr Hugh McLaren Paton. If you would like to know more; please be in touch.

2018 included a visit to Cape Town to see second cousin Jean Zeeman who I hadn't seen since 1957 when she visited the UK. Jean had two her 3 nieces at her home to great us and to enjoy a memorable afternoon.

David supports the site with a database called marlow01. It is open to public access and you are recommended to not only have a look at it, but also to send your contributions to David if you have any!

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