My Taste Of Summer

My Autobiography on Amazon.
My Taste of Summer Autobiography
The first COVID lockdown was in 2020 and started in March that year. What followed was terrifying for many of us. For my wife and me, we were fortunate enough to be able to keep out of the way and get on with our lives, not as normal, but in a better place that many. It also presented an opportunity; to write the autobiography I had been promising myself and my siblings for years!

And so it was; by the end of Jul 2020 and some 100,000 words later, with 100 pictures and much research into my family history, plus enormous support from my 'readers', I had it. Published on KDP Amazon, it is there for you to see and enjoy.

If you visit the Amazon Uk site and search for my name, you should find it in three options. The print quality of the hardback is excellent.


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