Great Brickhill Ex-Servicemen

New publication about our Servicemen past and present
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“Great Brickhill Ex-Servicemen: A Compendium of Résumés about Local Ex-Servicemen”

Some good news! I have published on Amazon.

I hope the title sparks your interest. I would welcome your support of course, particularly if you are able to give some positive feedback.
This has been a big project for me which has taken many months to achieve. I have enjoyed it thoroughly and it has helped me cope with lockdown in a positive way.
The book writing and copy proofing process was enjoyable and took me to many places that I have not ventured into for a very long time, if at all. I particularly relish revisiting the many family memories of course and the interviews I have been privileged to complete with ex-servicemen living in our village.
I am very grateful for all the support that you, my family and friends have given me. Many of you have helped me put the material together. Your support has been outstanding; thank you.
The publishing process was not without its ‘moments’. Kindle Direct Publishing, the publisher owned by Amazon, have been fastidious in their attention to detail, so this was a good partnership for me. They have provided an exceptional platform from which to deliver a ‘print on demand’ service on exceptional terms. At one stage they provided a printed proof copy of the paperback version of the veterans’ book, delivered to my door in about 32 hours. Turning to a publisher for support was a big step on many levels. It has taken me more than a year to make this decision following the completion of my autobiography in August 2020.
I hope you share my enthusiasm for the resulting choices that are now available. These include the electronic Kindle format supporting quality photography if you use a colour enabled tablet, I-Pad or phone, a paperback version, and a high quality hardback in full colour and on premium paper.
It would be very satisfying for me if you were to visit your local Amazon site, wherever you are in the world, and search for my name. You will find the titles mentioned above. Having read the title of your choice, you may like to add a brief review as well!
Many thanks for your continued support.

David Marlow
October 2021

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